Committees and other contacts


 Contact Info:

To ensure viability of blues as an art form through educating selected sectors of the WNY Community.

Education Sub-Committees:
Blues in the Schools
Youth Mentoring Program
Community Outreach programs including support of "Nursin' Blues"

Education Chair:
Fran Denk:

AMJAM Chair:          

Jeff Bataglia

Youth Mentoring Chair:
Doug Yeomans:

Blues Cruise
Mission: Planning and implementation of an
annual Blues Cruise featuring WNY Blues Music
open to the public. 

Blues Cruise Co-Chairs:
Nancy Remington:
Kim Alessi: 
Blue Thursday
Mission: To plan, implement and coordinate the
monthly Blue Thursday events held the second
Thursday of each month, October through April.

Blue Thursday Coordinator
Natalie Neubauer:
Memphis-bound Competition  
Mission: To plan, implement and coordinate
the WNY Blues Society's local Memphis Bound Competition.
Memphis Bound Competition Co-Chairs: 
Natalie Neubauer:
Kim Alessi:
General info:
Mission: To implement, coordinate and manage membership efforts.

Membership Chair: Albert Lesakowski

Registrar  Abertl Lesakoswki

Information Technology
Mission: To advise, direct and implement information technology.

Information Technology Chair:


Volunteers & Recruitment
Mission: To implement and coordinate a volunteer program
for the WNY Blues Society

Volunteer Coordinator Chair:
Albert Lesakowski             
Budget Committee
Mission: To work with Society committees to develop an
annual budget to support programs, events and activities
that meet the goals of the Society's mission.

Budget Committee Chair:
Public Relations and Marketing

To provide promotions and marketing support to the
WNY Blues Society in all its endeavors in fulfilling the
organization’s mission in keeping the Blues alive.

Public Relations and Marketing Chair: